Enabling a smooth appointment flow

The tool is built to make appointment requests easy - both for the customer and your sales people. This part will give you an overview of the appointment process on customer and on store side, from the initial request to confirmation and rescheduling.



The most commonly used appointment booking process is a confirmation process, that means the customer is sending a request that is then actively confirmed by the store. This is the process shown below.
By synchronizing calendars or blocking time slots, the tool does also support a direct booking process.

Making an appointment request

Customers can request an appointment while using the tool or, at a later stage, by clicking on the appointment CTA within a retargeting email. In the later case they will also be redirected to the tool to fill in the appointment information.

Depending on the dealer's service offer, they can choose between an appointment in store, an appointment online or an appointment at home. Based on the customer's choice, he will be asked to select his favorite store (including a possible location search) or fill in his address data.

Finally the customer selects a date and a time and can complete additional information.

embed Customer appointment request form

After sending the form, the customer receives a confirmation email about his request with a notice that a service advisor will confirm his appointment shortly.

At the same time, the store receives an appointment notification. Depending on the configuration, this email can be sent to the headquarters, the store or a salesman.

embed Appointment request notification sent out to a dealer

Confirming and Rescheduling

The salesman can now confirm or reschedule the appointment by clicking directly the respective CTA within the request notification. Usually the salesman calls the customer first - especially when the requested time and date do not fit, to find a new time slot.

When confirming, an email is sent out to the customer notifying him about the scheduled appointment.

When rescheduling, the salesman is accessing to a website where he can select a new date and time. An email is then sent out to the customer notifying him about his appointment with the updated time slot.