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Appointment Uplift


Return rate

Challenge: more appointments

By giving their franchise partners a lead channel that contributes to additional customer appointments, Küche&Co is constantly improving the customer experience on their website. Since customers tend to visit less dealers in person and have a stronger research phase online, a convincing web experience is a growing need.

Solution: tool with seamless CRM integration

In order to convince customers through a personalized pre-consultation to book an appointment with the closest franchise partner, Küche&Co is partnering with Conversional. The tool is connected with a website-own personal account and requests are directly transferred to the CRM system.


"The tool boosted our appointment rate by 10% and extends perfectly well our kitchen planning tool and our customer login area".

Mario Löwe, Küche&Co

Effects: Return rate x2,5, dwell time +2 mins

Through the personalized result and the automated e-mail retargeting, 34,8% of the customers who use the tool return to the website (vs. 13,9 % other visitors). At the same time customers spend 2:11 min more time on the website to interact with dealer-related content (5:13 min vs. 3:02 min).

Result: 10,3% appointment uplift

First and foremost the appointments generated through their website rose by 10,3% thanks to Conversional - high quality customer contacts a franchise partner can directly convert into sales closings. Moreover additional dealer touch points strengthen the brand image, build trust and foster a direct customer relationship that leads to further store visits and higher brand awareness.

About Küche&Co

As an Otto Group company, Küche & Co is the largest franchise system for the fitted kitchen trade in Germany with regard to the number of its kitchen studios present throughout the country. Küche&Co counts 82 studios in Germany and 12 in Austria. The company was founded in 1989 and has been part of the Otto Group since 1995.


Additional direct visits


Email opening rate

Challenge: more sales talks

In order to be less dependent on personal recommandations, Alma Küchen decided to strengthen their Online strategy. Alma was looking for a solution that would engage customers with a personal touch to reflect their customer proximity and their high service competency.

Solution: customized tool with personalized email engagement

Alma integrated a tool with a fully automatic, preset email retargeting system. That way customers are engaged in accordance to their preferred communication channels, their need for information and the perfect timing.


"The tool significantly lifted our sales talks - besides many additional appointments, many tool users are coming directly to our stores for a consultation."

Theo Finkeldey, Alma Küchen

61% email opening rate, preinformed salesperson and lean processes

Through the automatic processing of the tool Alma just had to wait for additional appointments or new store visitors coming in. An impressive average of 61% of the retargeting emails are being opened. Appointments are routed directly to the store where a salesperson picks a client and already knows his preferences before the sales talk.

Result: from 15 sales talks, 8 appointments and 7 direct visits

For every 15 sales talks triggered by the tool, 8 customers are booking an appointment and 7 are coming directly to the store (or calling beforehand). These customers are very active before reaching out to the store, opening their result 2-3 times on average and the following retargeting emails respectively up to 7 times.

About Alma Küchen

Building on 50 years of corporate history, Alma Küchen is a kitchen manufacturer that combines tradition and expertise with quality and innovative planning concepts. Through their 13 stores in Western Germany, Alma Küchen covers the entire value chain from production to customer service.


Connected Salesperson


Kitchen Brands

Challenge: limited service online

Despite Möbel Inhofer's extraordinarily extensive product range, a customer could only view a few kitchens online, configure their kitchen using a generic planning tool, or read some information about accessories and countertops. He had no way to match his wishes online in advance nor receive any personalized recommendation.


With the kitchen finder online, Möbel Inhofer now checks personal expectations beforehand. Thanks to the incoming feedback, the salesperson already knows the customer's expectations and important characteristics before the appointment. In addition, thanks to the remote consultation module, Inhofer can react flexibly to store closures without having to cancel any consultation.


The tool is a milestone for us to make the customer's consultation as seamless as possible, whether they come in or are at home.

Daniel Braun, Möbel Inhofer

Side effect: Flexible response to 2.2-fold increase in requests

Due to short-term store closures, the number of online consulting requests increased by a factor of 2.2 within a short period of time. Thanks to process control via Conversional, consultants and customers are connected automatically and the results are tracked centrally.

Result: Happy custommers, reduced consulting time

Thanks to the interaction with important features in advance, the customer takes decisions way faster and feels personally advised right from the start. At the same time, the kitchen consultant can quickly start the planning process thanks to the minimized requirement analysis time.

About Möbel Inhofer

With over 1,200 brands and a catchment area that attracts customers from hundreds of kilometers away to beyond the DACH region, Europe's "largest world of living" offers a wide range of furniture and kitchen products - from takeaway items to individual merchandise in the exclusive luxury segment. 400 in-house consultants ensure perfect service on site.

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