Tracking the performance

To track the performance, set conversion goals and optimize your Google Ads campaigns, you can set up events in Google Analytics to get the most out of your tool.

Example of available events

To give you full possibilities to optimize your lead conversions we provide events and page views at different stages of the tool, i.e.:

  • Before using the tool: Events and page views leading to the tool usage.
  • Question part: Events and critical page views at the beginning of the customer funnel.
  • Result part: Events that are particularly interesting to track the customer engagement and his preferences.

The table below is a selection of events and page views. If you want to have a full overview of all available events and page views, just send us a short message.

Category Action Value Trigger
callToAction clicked HTML of clicked element Click on a call to action (element with .rt-stylecheck class)
exitIntentMobile clicked open, close Exit Intent is shown/ closed
questionnaire started / progress x% questionnaire has been started, x% of questions answered
closureForm submitted - questionnaire has been submitted along with personal data
section_name viewed view_time section view time in ms
appointment submitted location name undefined appointment request sent