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Nowadays almost every kitchen journey starts by or is accompanied by an online research phase. In average, customers inform themselves 3-6 weeks before talking to a salesperson. So if you want to be the salesperson customers meet in store, you have to be kept in mind. Or do you remember the websites you visited 4 weeks ago?


Conversional helps customers to find the right information all in one place and tailored to their needs. At the same time, it helps companies to build a relationship with customers during their decision period through intelligent, tailored and valuable email marketing. And to make kitchen purchase easier and more fun.


Kitchen Journeys Start Online


Weeks Of Prior Information


Email Opening Rate

All the best features - all
in one place

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    Intelligent Email Retargeting

    Watch emails sent out automatically, based on customers' timing and needs

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    Multi-Persona Process

    Address customers denpending on their need of inspiration or consultation

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    Zapier Integration

    Connect your favorite tools through a native Zapier app

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    Reach out to all your customers no matter where they live

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    Performance Dashboard

    Monitor the performance of your tool to know your benefits at any time

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    New Appointment Notification

    Let your salesperson know about any appointment as soon as it comes in

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    Exit Intent Layer

    Offer personal kitchen recommandations when a customer is about to leave your page

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    Fully Customizable

    Adapt the content to your brand identity, USPs and special offers

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    Calendar Sync

    Synchronize the tool with your salesperson's calendar to ensure availability

Ready to test in 24h - without obligation

  • Send us a few information such as a recipient address for your leads and an overview of your kitchen portfolio

  • We will send you a link on your customized tool version and a code snippet for your web integration

  • Paste the code snippet into your source code and you are ready to go!

  • No obligation, no contract period. Word.

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